Camping rules and safety

Welcome to Camping Elena’s Beach. We are a family oriented campground and our rules are put in place to make you our guests have a fun filled and relaxing stay. Please review our rules and help make everyone’s stay a rewarding and enjoying experience. The camp site will be available for holiday or recreational purposes, from 1st of April – 30th of October. Entering and staying at Camping Elena's Beach means accepting automatically the following terms:

  1. Check in: The entry to the camp site is through the reception, 08:00 -24:00. Campers are required to present their passports or ID cards and register their details in the Guest Book.
    Check-out:  until 12 noon. After this time, half-day charges apply.
  2. Management reserves the right to remove any offer at any time. Please contact us directly for more information and booking details.
  3. Pitches:
    - Pitches for tents, caravans, vehicles and campers are defined by the receptionist.
    - As far as is practicable we will endeavour to comply with any special requests you have notified us of at the time of booking but we cannot guarantee that your requests will be met and we accept no liability to you in respect thereof. This is especially true of specific pitch requests and late stays at peak times.
    - Caravans and cars should be parked and tents pitched in the places allotted by the Camping Elena. Campers may be requested to move at times during the stay, the Camping may require.
    - If the number of campers in one pitch is changed, it must be reported to the receptionist in order to be applied the corresponding charge.
    - There will be no subletting permitted.
    - It is prohibited to support tents with different than conventional support means. Additional constructions which may have a negative effect on camping aesthetics and functionality are forbidden: shelters, fencing, rough.
  4. Vehicles and sizing: You can only bring one tourer, motorhome, tent or trailer tent onto each pitch. You must be clear on the size of your unit or tent (including guy ropes) at time of booking so we can check the pitch is suitable. If you’re planning to bring something that’s not a car with you (a lorry, van, motorbike, jet skis or boat, for example), please check before you book. There is a charge for extras and you must tell us when you book. Some pitches can’t accept awnings with annexes, for example – and on a small number you will not be able to fit a large tent along with your car. We will provide a parking area nearby if this is the case. For all pitches if we decide that a car cannot safely stay within the confines of your pitch leaving adequate distances between living accommodation then we will ask you to remove it to a car parking area on the camp site.
  5. Vehicles:
    - Watch for your fellow campers and don’t exceed the speed of 5 km/h in the campground.
    - Vehicle use within  campsite is only allowed for entry and exit.
    - Vehicle movement on Site is prohibited between 11pm and 7am. If you want to leave the campsite or return after 12 in the evening you should leave your vehicle outside the campsite and exit or enter on foot.
    - Campers should park their cars in their own site.
  6. Visitors:
    - Each visitor must show his / her identity card or passport at the reception desk and register his / her details.
    - Guests are responsible for the behavior of everybody on their site, if your visitors break the rules, the entire booking will be evicted. If your visitors are misbehaving, report it to the manager and have them removed from your site before it becomes a disturbance to your neighbors. There is no refund if you are evicted.
    - All visitors must park in the parking area. No vehicles are to park on the main road within the camp grounds.
    - Visitors are not allowed to use the amenities of the camp site (showers, kitchens, etc.). Their stay in the camp site cannot exceed 2 hours. Then,  there will be a corresponding half-day charge.
  7. Cleanliness:
    - The contents of all chemical closets and other waste-water shall be disposed of only at the disposal points provided. If disposing of ‘grey’ water please contact the manager this for the proper management of the site.
    - The disposal of chemical wastes is allowed in the specially designated room for chemical toilets.
    - Disposal of garbage must be done enclosed in garbage bags and placed into the garbage bins provided.
    - Do not throw dirty water or detergents, shampoos or shower gel into plants and trees.
    - The use of shampoos and shower gels are not allowed in the outdoor shower of the campsite.
    - Washing clothes and dishes  is done in designated separate sinks.
  8. Potable water: Potable water is available through the Camping Elena’s Beach main buildings. Potable water can be obtained through the outside hose connection at the front of the Camping buildings. Use your own water containers for potable water.
  9. The power supply is for lighting, radio, TV, refrigerator. No electrical load e.g. for air conditioners, electric burners, coffee mashines, microwave ovens etc, should exceed 1500W.
  10. Pets:
    - All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. You are responsible for any clean-ups. A plastic bag for waste pickup must be carried at all times when walking your pet.
    - Pets must not be left unattended at the site.
    - Pets, it is preferable not to swim close to the other people.
  11. Quiet:
    - 15:00-18:00 & 23:00-07:00. During these hours, please be considerate of your fellow campers.
    - No musical instruments, radio, television or music players must be allowed to produce excessive noise between these hours.
    - Absolutely No loud music at any time.
    - As a small site we manage the space with families and couples in mind. So we  don’t allow hen or stag parties to be held on site.
  12. Consumption of Alcohol: No open alcohol is permitted outside your campground site. When going from one guest site to another please use common sense. No alcohol consumption is allowed on the main roads or on the parking lots. Any issues associated with the consumption of alcohol will not be tolerated. Immediate dismissal from the campground will result.
  13. Use of Foul Language: This will not be tolerated from any guest. We are a family campground and the use of such language between guests or visitors will not be tolerated. Always be respectfully of guests and children in the area.
  14. Safety:
    - The lighting of fires outdoors is strictly forbidden by law in Greece from May 1st until October 31st. Especially on the camping, fires are forbidden on the beach too, adjacent neighbours land, and  generally no fires allowed anywhere, anytime. Only gas barbeques are permitted on site.  
    - Any intervention in the water and irrigation network facilities is prohibited.
    - Fire arms of any kind  and explosives are prohibited by law as well as air guns and any kind of launchers.
    - Damages due to the campers or to their visitors will be covered by their own.
    - Camping Elena will not be responsible for the loss or damage to persons or property incurred while on site, however caused. Campers are required to watch their personal items.
    - The campsite and management will not be responsible for fire, natural disasters or terrorist activities or attacks .
    - The management of the campsite reserves the right to remove campers or visitors who do not comply with the rules of operation.